The case of the invisible files

Well, I never thought I’d be having problems so soon into ownership … or maybe I’m just being a numpty again.

I have audio books and podcasts on my Clip+ totalling 4.5 gb which I added from my computer as drag and drops into their relevant folders.  I have listened to some of the podcasts and one of the books so now want to delete some and put in other new ones.  But, when I opened the internal memory on the computer all the folders are empty.  I’ve checked the Clip and everything is still there under Music > Audiobooks and Music > Podcasts.   

So where the devil is it all hiding??

When I plugged in my Clip before today I would have the Windows option of opening the folders to view the files.  Now it just goes straight to the Internal Memory window which I then open and the list of folders comes up.

Curiouser and curiouser :womansurprised: