Folder Recognition Problem

When I manage my folders the Sansa Clip window, I have named files, then loaded music and one audio book.  When I disconnect the device and browse the device,  I go to Music then Folders; then  a few of the folders are recognized, but not all and no sign of the audio book any where on the device;  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance. G

By any chance, is your player set to USB MTP mode?  If so, you might try clearing all your content away, setting the player’s USB mode to MSC, and retry.  MSC mode just works more smoothly.

Thanks for the input.  I changed setting from auto to MSC;  then formatted device;  then when I re-attached via USB, manage folders came up.  Then named 4 folders and added a few trial files to the folders.

When I removed device and checked folders, the folder file on the device showed empty.  

Do you happen to see anything that I am doing wrong or incorrectly?

Thanks for your attempt to help a brain dead old guy.


Manage folders??? 

Are you using a PC? 

In Windows with the Clip set to MSC mode, the Clip+ simply shows up as two drives in Windows Explorer : one driveletter is Sansa Clip and the next, for the microSD slot, is Removable Disc. You can put a folder right into the driveletter, or you can put Music in a Music folder and Audiobooks into an Audiobooks folder, etc. 

If you’re using a Mac, maybe some kind of Manage Folders thing comes up–I wouldn’t know. 

However, you probably  need to have music files that Clip can play in your folders. Those would be .mp3, .wma or .flac files.

If you send over the .m4a files from iTunes–not readable on the Clip or Clip±- or text files or whatever, I don’t think the folders holding them will appear. Copy a folder full of mp3s over onto the Clip and it should show up under Folders.  

Also, tags are not such a bad thing. If files are properly tagged they give you more ways to find the music. Search this forum for mp3tag and ISO-8859-1 for instructions on tagging.