Problem with Folder management

When I connedt to my pc, I go to the sansa Brose Files;  I then have named folders such as Rock, Classical, Podcast, etc - loaded music into the files.  When the music is transfered to the SansaClip device, it downloads the music, but then places them into the pre named files of Music, Genre, Artis etc - ignoring the folders that I have created.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?  Thanks in advance. G

You’re doing nothing wrong. All SanDisk players read, sort and organize by ID3 tag, not folder and/or file names though.

If you scroll down in the Music menu, you’ll find an option for Folders. In this view, you should be able to find all your folder and files just as you’ve named them. And no, if you’re thinking about asking, you cannot make this the default. You’ll have to go through these extra couple of button presses each time you want to find anything this way.

You can also scroll up to Folders, and it’s just one click since it’s the end of the Music list.