Accidentally deleted audiobook folder - how do I restore?


I accidentally deleted the audiobook folder in my Sansa Clip+ 4GB.  Uggh.  I am not able to add a folder via Explorer.  How do I get this folder back?

BTW, I am a big audio book user.  This is my 4th MP3 player.  It is by far the best ever.


I believe a reformat from the settings menu should fix it, you will lose all content so save what you need and reload after the format.

That should do the trick, the player will also regenerate the folders following a firmware installation.  You can try the Manual Installation procedure for your device.

Bob  :wink:

Of course, do note that this will get the empty folder back, not your folder’s contents . . . .

Just open Audiobooks again in the player and the folder reappears (empty of course).