My m230 won't connect to my mac

It is in MSC mode. I have tried different macs and it won’t connect to any of them. It just seems to get stuck like it locks up. Anybody have any ideas?

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theres not much you can try on a mac. Checking system profile to see if its recognized. At least i think its called system profile, my mac skills arent that great.

Does it work on a pc?

I can get it to mount up on a pc but, I haven’t been able to download any songs. I am not to familiar with a pc. I tried downloading a song from itunes on the pc to the m230 but, I couldn’t get it to work. I use mac’s. I have an ipod and I don’t have any problems with that on my mac.

thanks, I will try that route.

try changign the mode to MSC.  Auto Detect is MTP so maybe thats why its not mounting on mac?

I tried both modes and neither one will work. Thanks for the info.