My computer won't recognize my C250

I plug it in and nothing shows up.  I’m using XP.

I’m not one of the experts around here, but the first thing I would try is to turn the player on, scroll through the menu to “settings”, scroll down to “USB”, scroll down to MSC, hit your center button to select this mode.  Turn off the player, then connect to the computer.  Give the computer a minute, then open “My Computer” and see if the the device is listed there.  If you haven’t updated your firmware and have loaded the Firmware Updater, that may appear first and have you do a firmware update.

If the computer recognizes it in this mode, unplug it, reset it to “Auto Detect” and try it again.  If it still doesn’t see it, try opening Windows Media Player and use the sync tab and hit “refresh devices” to see if Media Player can find it in Auto Detect mode.

xaro sounds like a pro!

must admit to definite geek tendencies.  Sort of new to the mp3 thing, but having cut my teeth on DOS back in the 80’s, it’s not really that tough to get everything synced up.  Just have to keep up with all the new tech (when it’s not really my field of endeavor)