C250 V2 not showing in "My Computer"

although in device manager showing as properly installed (Windows XP).

Why can’t I view my device when it says connected by my device manager?

Could using Windows media Player ver. 9 be causing the problem?

Do I need to update my Windows Media Player to 10 or 11?

updating to 10 or 11 isnt a bad idea

I have the same issue as I’ve recently moved to windows xp.  My C250 shows up in the device manager as a windows portable device, and I am prompted upon connection to allow window media player to synchronize.  I want no parts of this windows media player sychronization nonsense.  All I want is for the player to show up as a drive as it did under windows 2000.


Check under the settings menu of the player and see if you have a USB Mode or Mode option.  If you do change the mode to MSC.  If you don’t then try the steps below.

Turn on the hold switch
Hold the rewind button
Plug the player in to the computer while holding rewind

Yes. That sorted it out.  I changed the USB setting from “auto” to whatever the other option was.  Clearly this is the “work/not work” setting.