Driver Not Appearing in My Computer..

I just got a Sandisk Sansa c250 v2 mp3 player.
I’m having trouble accessing the actual physical Driver through My Computer, because it doesn’t show on mine when I connect it with the USB. I’m using Windows XP 2002 edition…
Do any1 know what location I could access the files (mp3, wav) itself on the computer?
Because I like to upload the Voice wave files from the device to the computer.

Real player and Window Media doesn’t let me upload files from the device it’s only computer to device…
Any help appreciated. Thanks!

ps. is it anything doing with my USB port? because it only detect it as MTP device and it says it will not work best because I have a non-high speed USB…

Its a long shot, but if yours is like a m250…    you can try changing the usb on the device to MSC under your menu options. If its like the m250 it will appear under “my computer” as a storage unit. You might be able to retrieve your voice files there and might be able to upload your music too.  I dont own a c250, so im kinda grabbing ideas from recent events with my moms m250. I hope this helps.