My computer does not read my mp3???

Whenever I plug my m200 series to the computer, I cannot find the folder of ‘Sansa’ in My Computer. It worked here before but now it doesn’t. Any solutions? Pls. help.

Does your mp3 get past the Sansa screen? Does it have firmware  v.4.0.44a? Can be found at the top, right-hand corner on the screen that says Sansa on it.


I know you’re post is almost a month old, so I don’t know if you’ve had any resolution.

I had a similar problem.  It seems that there are sometimes problems with systems reading the device when it’s in the MTP USB mode, which is what mine was set to when I got it.

Try switching the device to USB MSC mode through Menu>Settings>USB>MSC.

Good luck. 

thank you so much for the tip gris. i was trying to get mine to work and that finally got it working for me. thank you again i just wish i found this info about 3 weeks ago.