Computer will not read sansa m240

Hi everyone,

ok so i have had my sansa m240 for about 1 1/2 years now and had some minor problems but nothing serius! but now im having one that is prey big. when i connect it to my computer and try to open it so i can add music i get an error this is ecactly what it says
"F:\ is not acessible.

  Acess is denied."

i have tryd everything i could think of and nothing worked, i changed the mode on the player that didnt work, i try to reformat it that didnt work. i tryed moving it to another usb port that didnt work eather. can someone please help me out!!!

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Are you using the same computer? Had it worked previously
on this computer? What OS, etc?

You can write

And rememember new M240’s are now going
for 35 bucks or less. Do a google search :wink:

yea it is the same computer, it use to work perfectly, and its xp pro, yea i seen them! but i need it for next wednsday and i dont have time to go out and buy a new player! but ill try and email the support

I’m having similar issues to this problem and other problems people are having. I power up the player and it sticks on the “SanDisk” screen. Does not give any options for playing music, accessing the menu options. None of the buttons do anything. I also plug the player into my computer, but my computer is not reading that I have it connected to the computer. It worked for about 5 months and it was perfect! Now, all of the sudden, it’s giving me issues. Is there a combination of buttons to unlock the player or something like that? Or can I reformat the player somehow? I’m guessing I can’t reformat because my PC doesn’t even sense the player being connected any more.

Please help! The place I purchased my player will not exchange or have any information to help me. I really can’t afford another one, but if needed, I will splurge and go for the IPod investment. I’d hate to because I’m a single mother on very limited finances and loved this player when it worked!

Don’t panic. They have a 1 year warranty. Perhaps someone
here can help with your problem.