My clip won't power on

Hi, I purchased my 2 gb FM radio clip about two months ago. It worked fine until now.

My clip wakes up if I connect it to my laptop and it charges and I’m able to edit music etc… But as soon as I unplug my clip, the screen goes black and I can’t turn it on. I’ve tried holding the power slide for 15 secs and then try normally  power on but to no result. It seems that the only way to get any response from my clip is to plug it to a computer but it justs shuts itself down immediately after unplugging.

Does this simply just mean that my clip is now broken?



I had the same exact problem with my Sansa Clip that I brought back in January 2008.  I call the SanDisk tech customer support and told them about my problem and they sent me a RMA for UPS through e-mail.  They were so nice and helpful. They asked for the serial # on the buttom of the Clip, my name, and address and told me to send my Sansa Clip back with the label (that they e-mailed me) on the envelope and that they would send me a new one. So now Im listening to my shiny new Sansa Clip and it works great.  It took about 4 or 5 days to get my new one back.

This is the number to the tech customer support:  1-866-726-3475.


Same problem with my son’s Clip I bought in February 2008.  He called and we are waiting on the RMA.  Great little unit and I actually went out and bought the View because of it.  Hope that this is not a big deal for these little critters.

There were quite a number of “bad battery” and “short battery life” posts around the January - March 2008 timeframe, probably these units sat unused for too long, which spells death for Lithium-Polymer batteries. They self-discharge some over time and the Clip also draws a tiny amount of current even when OFF.

Curious, where were these units bought (retail store or online?) and what firmware version was on them when received (that helps nail down the manufacturing date)… 

Thanks, I’ve now been in contact with the retailer, who takes care of RMA here in Finland, not sandisk. Hopefully I’ll receive a replacement soon… When I ordered my clip I had to wait for it for three friggin’ months so you can bet that I wasn’t glad when it started malfunctioning.

I’m having the same problem. It was working fine last week and now it won’t come on unless I plug it into the

computer. what is a RMA and how can I fix my player.



RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization; what the retailer/manufacturer gives you (i.e. advance approval for a return) when you call to return an item, such as for warranty replacement.  You might want to try it.