My Clip Jam is seriously messed up.. Request semi-urgent..

So, being the bright guy I am, I decided to be a grand clutz, and I had dropped my mp3 into water (Accidental), and I tried to dry it off with a heat source, but I left for too long, and upon my return, it literally was melted. (Also an accident, truly!!) This morning, I actually was able to use a USB cable to connect it to my computer, and received the notification that “Windows detected new hardware, but can’t access it” (Or something to that effect). So, I really would like to recover the 380 songs I have on the device, because I for one shall not attempt to recover that many songs for I am much too busy (I’m lying. I will get the songs back, for I love music too much!). So, I reach out to the community: What shall I do? (Note: I currently use a Windows Vista Home Premium)

Thanks in advance! I put faith in our community! 


-Justin Herrgott