I have to reset the Jam every time I want to use it

got it yesterday. Managed to transfer MP3 files. There are two problems. 1) Every time I want to use it i have to reset it as it won’t otherwise turn on. 2) It came with two songs which I want to delete. I saw it on the pc and deleted it, but forgot the other one. The next time I turned it on, the second song is not showing in the list on file explorer. any ideas? I am taking it away but will come back to this when I come home

Hi @ihill,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I intend to when I get back from hols. I was hoping that someone might have an easy solution! It is inconsistent when it happens and I suppose I will be told to update the firmware. A little bit wary about this as I have already had to return one unit, and it is working well apart from having to reset a lot

Here are a few easy ideas to try.

  1. Eject the micro SD card and try a few On/Off cycles. Maybe the SD card is causing problems.
  2. After a successful reset, connect the player to a Windows computer, point to the Root Folder and use File Explorer->Properties->Tools->Check for Errors.
  3. Point to the root folder and search for *.mp3 (or any other file types you are looking for).

Many thanks for the advice. However - I don’t have an sd card in it!