My clip is completely black

eveytime I turn it on my screen is black and is doesn’t play the music I put on it it just play the radio I can’t change it on anything

I’ve the same problem. I’ll be interested to know what I’ve to do to solve it !

I’ve tried resetting the Clip by holding the power slider in the UP position until it turns OFF (15 seconds or so). Then turn it ON again and it isn’t any better…

What can I do ? 

Try resetting by holding in the ON position for 10 seconds again…then break out that wee pigtail cable and see if it responds when plugged in to the PC.  Hopefully, you’ll get the familiar “connected” logo.

If you connect in MTP mode, check the charge status by right clicking on the sansa and select “properties” while in Windows Explorer (“My Computer”).

Otherwise, look at the battery icon…is it strobing / rolling?  If it needs a charge, let it have a wee bit of juice.  If it doesn’t respond normally at this basic of a level, the device might have decided on an early retirement  I would contact SanDisk.

Bob  :cry:

I’ve the window with MTP mode, but nothing more happens.

I have no link in My Computer as usual to explore it.

I don’t see anymore the battery icon on the little screen. I’ve just charge it some hours and nothing changes, without icon of charge because black screen.

What can I do Bob ?

Thank you very much in advance.