Music went to heck when I

Hello all.  This is my first time here so forgive me if I sound a little daft.  I got a Fuze for Christmas & have been tinkering with it ever since.  I loaded some music I already had on my computer from an old 1gb Sandisk player I used to use, and it worked great (I think they were WMA’s at 64kb), but have been trying to figure out how I want to start a true music library on my computer.  Last week I ended up with a lot of extra time on my hands because I got really sick & was in bed for 3 days so I grabbed my laptop & cds and started ripping.  I used Windows XP - Windows Media Player.  I had ripped a particular song in MP3, WMA, & WMApro at several different bitrates & opted for WMApro at 64kb (pro’s default speed).  I did over 100 cds & my library looked great.  Last night I synced it with my Fuze & everything went to heck.  The music apears to be there (actually a lot of the songs were duplicated), but it won’t play & my genres are a mess (they don’t match my laptop).  When I try to start an album it brings up song 1, then 2, then 3…one right after the next.  Like it’s skipping from one track to the next.  It’s doesn’t actually play them.  Any ideas?  I think my Fuze was set to Auto & my version is V02.03.31A.  Any help would be appreciated! :cry:

Its my actually be the codec you used. Dont use Pro. Just use WMA or MP3 and see if thats better.

Thanks!  Boy, I hope that’s not it though.  It took a long time to rip over 100 cds.  :angry:  Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get MediaMonkey to analyze the songs for ReplayGain too.  I’ll try just 1 cd first this time.  Bummer.  :cry:

Yes, WMA Pro is not supported by Sansa…I don’t know if any portable player outside of a Zune would play it, to be honest.

You know, I thought I had tested this all out before I started ripping.  I ripped one particular song in WMA 128, WMApro 64, MP3 128, & MP3 192 to see what the quality difference sounded like.  I thought I had loaded it onto my Fuze & plugged it into my car to see what it sounded like there too & not just on my computer.  I don’t know, maybe I was hyped up on cold medicine & imagined the whole thing.  It would be nice for us simple minded people though if things were documented a little better.  When I opened my Windows Media Player to rip & saw that there were 3 different choices of WMA (WMA, WMApro, & WMA lossless) I didn’t know that there was anything majorly different about them.  Live & learn I guess.  I had a couple other questions too, but I think I’ll just start different posts because the topic slightly changes.  Thanks for the help!