Searched and couldn't find this problem with playback

Just got a 4GB Fuze today, connected fine to my XP PC in both MTC and MSC modes.  Dragged almost 3GB on there and I can see the songs in Windows Explorer and even play them from there.  When I disconnect the Fuze and attempt to play from there is when the problem arises.  It shows everything I added, but no matter how I attempt to play, song/album/play all, it immediately begins quickly scrolling through every song by that artist and will not actually play any of them.  Thoughts?  Defective?  I’ve tried the soft reset several times and even reformatted and removed everything and added only a couple of songs and it still does it. 

What format are the files? Are they rights protected?

They are all WMA burned from CD’s.  The worked fine on the wife’s Zune before she broke it! 

@tarheel92 wrote:
They are all WMA burned from CD’s.  The worked fine on the wife’s Zune before she broke it! 

they’re not WMA Pro or WMA lossless?

Nope, just plain ol’ wma

Actually did just find a thread from timborman about songs cycling but not playing which is exactly what’s happening to me, but I swear they are not lossless.  Let me try some mp3’s instead. 

Well whataya freakin’ know, those play fine.  Crud.  Suppose I’ve got some re-rippin’ of all the wife’s CD’s to do.  Exactly how I want to spend my evening!  :wink:

that’s weird, because I’ve used wma vbr files and they always played for me

this is why FLAC is the way to go when riping from a cd

I’m having this problem too only a slightly different situation: My songs were originally downloaded as MP3s but I converted them to WMAs using the program that comes with XP Media Center (Windows Audio Converter). And yes they are regular WMAs because the program lets you choose between regular, variable, & lossless. I suppose I could just use the original MP3s but since I’ve already converted everything before I got my Fuze, WMAs are supposed to be better (and smaller) than regular MP3s, and the Fuze is supposed to play them anyways I figured I’d see if there was some kind of fix for this. Thanks!

You may have accidentally converted to copy-protected .wma. Or WMP may have just messed them up because it felt like it. Go back to your mp3s. 

It is a bad idea to convert mp3 to wma anyway. Mp3 files are compressed–they have discarded some of the sonic information that’s in the .wav files on your CDs in order to save space. (.wav files can be 10 times as large as .mp3s). Now if you take those compressed files and convert them again to .wma, you are compressing them again–in other words, throwing out even more sound quality. Imagine making a fax, sending it, then faxing the fax…

Windows (which makes money on WMA, Windows Media Audio) keeps putting out propaganda that .wma files sound better than .mp3 files which are slightly larger.  That’s if you start with high-quality audio and compress it to .wma vs. starting with high-quality audio and converting it to .mp3.  It may or may not be true–frankly, I doubt it, because people keep tweaking .mp3 to improve it, while .wma is trapped in the secret Micro$oft laboratories. 

But converting .mp3 to .wma will definitely degrade the sound, while only saving a tiny bit of space. And unless you are very careful with settings on Windows Media Player, it might add horrible things like copy protection to your files. 

Even if you are using Windows Media Player to convert CDs, you can go into Rip and have it make mp3s instead. (For good sound quality, choose 192 kbps or above.) No more .wma problems. 

Windows’ old .wma slogan was bogus. MP3 is the one that Plays for Sure. 

WMA files work fine on both my dead, and my new Fuze. MP3 files are slightly bigger.