Music Display/Sub Menu's only show for one second then go back to "now playing"!?!??!?HELP!!!!!

Okay, I really need some help here people…if this doesn’t work I guess I will take it into a Radio Shack and hope they can help.  So, if I am on the “now playing” menu, music is playing, and say I want to go into my music submenus and switch to an artist or an album, or just go into my songs and shuffle them, whatever, I hold down the center button and it stays frozen for a really long time.  Then, it will only show “Artists” for ONE SECOND before immediately taking me back to “now playing.”  I have to be hold down one of the left or right buttons and constantly hitting it if I have any hope of keeping the display from going back, but that only works sometimes.  It’s like playing a really annoying video game and I can’t get past level one.  PLEASE HELP!!!  I just want to put my music on shuffle for cryin’ out loud…this is definitely not right and I have no idea what to do.  Thanks!