Old Clip with a Dead Display

I have a Clip whose display died a few years ago. Totally black. On a lark, I plugged it into my computer tonight and realized I have quite a bit of music on it. I disconnected the Clip from the computer and by pushing a few buttons I was able to start playing the music through my headphones. Unfortunately, it seems I managed to set it to Repeat One Song. I’d like it to just play through the songs sequentially, once.

Looking at the manual, there’s a section for Playing Music that explains how to set the repeat function. It involves pressing the submenu button while playing a song to enter Menu Options, then scrolling to Repeat. Unfortunately, I can’t see the options as I’m scrolling. So, my question is: Once I press the submenu button, what is the order of options in the submenu? In other words, how many times do I have to press Down to get to the Repeat options? Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

My display died but while it was fading I made some button-push notes so I could do some things blind.

I have a tip that might help, but I don’t want to type it out if I don’t need to.

Reply if you want to compare notes.


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