broken screen

Hi all,

The screen on my clip got broken (my fault!) but the audio still works. The problem is I can’t see the menu so can only listen to what I had selected before the screen got broken. Can someone tell me how to get to the “play all” option so I can just skip through everything until I find what I want to listen to?


I just need the sequence - press centre button X number of times, then press the down key X number of times etc. If someone could find the “play all” option in their clip and then let me know the sequence that would be great. I’m working in the middle of nowhere at the moment and used to listen to my clip while running. It’s really boring without it! Thanks.

OK, you might try this.

With a song playing:

1.  Press the small Home button.

2.  Press the right button.

3.  Press the center button.

This has worked with me when I experimented, but I don’t know if where your player currently is located in the playing scheme might affect this.  edit:  I just experimented again and I fear that this may not work for you, as the second step seems to send you to a different selection option (the order on my Clip is:  Play All, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, My Top Rated, Playlists, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Recordings, Music Options) depending on which selection option you had selected before; if that’s the case for you, after step 2, you could try pressing the up or down button and then continuing on to step 3, repeating this process until you end up at the Play All option.

Good luck!  And, sorry about your screen.  :(   The November/December holidays should be a good time to pick up a new Clip . . . .   :)

Sorry, I wasn’t very specific with my first post. My clip is not playing anything at the moment so I don’t know where in the menu it was when the screen got broken. All the stuff on there is podcasts. They are individually accounted for in the menu but, of course, I now can’t see that.

I want to go to “podcasts” and then “play all”. I can then use the “forward” button to scrowl through them.

If I keep pressing the “home” button I’m assuming that will take me to the top menu. Any chance someone could list the options on each screen so I can count my clicks and get to where I need to be? Would be very grateful.

I’m working abroad in a remote area and won’t have a chance to get a replacement clip until February!

Thanks all.

At least on my Clip and where I am in the software (a song last having been played but now stopped), pressing the Home button simply goes back and forth between the song’s info. screen and the player’s major options (Music, FM Radio, Voice, Settings) screen. 

Between this post and the last and the lists in them, you may be able to do some experimentation to get to the Play All screen.

Can you get the player to play anything right now?  If nothing is playing, try pressing the play (12 o’clock position) button.  If nothing plays, try pressing the Home button and then the play (12 o’clock position) button. 

Once you have something playing, then using the info. in my last post, you may be able to experiment until you get the player functioning as you want.  Good luck!