How to get back to "now playing" without starting track over

Hey all,

Got my first Fuze yesterday as a belated X-mas gift.  I’ve had an old Creative Zen for years.  I really like the Fuze so far but I’m a bit confused by one thing.  On the Zen I would be on the “Now Playing” screen which shows all the details of the current song/podcast and the time bar.  If I went off into the menu’s to do something, say add something to the current playlist, I could always get back to the Now playing screen with no problems.  On the Fuze, if I leave the now playing screen to work in the menu’s the closest I seem to get is back to the current music list but if I select the current playing song it starts over from the beginning.  Is there a way to get back to the Now Playing screen with all the current playing track’s details and time bar?


Ok, I feel dumb now.  I see that after the screen goes blank, when I spin the wheel to bring it back to life it’s back on the now playing screen.  Ok, that will work.

Rather than waiting for it to go dark and then come back, you can just hit that little home button (top right) twice. Once will take you to the home (audio, video, settings, etc), the second push will take you back to the currently-playing song.

Did not know that.  Thanks!