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When on the “Now Playing” Screen, how do I return to the list of other songs on that album?

I’m going to reclarify my question, seeing as I have no responses.

Sometimes when I am on the Now Playing screen, I press back and it goes all the way back to the top menu with Music, Video, Radio etc. I then have to go all the way through Music, Artists, Album then to the album list again. Is there a way when I’m on the Now Playing screen to quickly go back to the Album List with all the other songs on that same album? I thought that if I wanted to go back to the top menu with Music, Video, Radio etc. then I hold the back button, but when I just tap it it goes all the way back up.

On the Sansa Fuze, there was an option when you clicked the bottom button on the clickwheel and then click “Return to Album List” or something similar. Is there a way to do this on the Fuze+?

Possible future feature?

Sorry if this is confusing.

I, too, am having the same problem.   In the Now Playing screen, I was to go back directly to the previous screen, i.e., the ‘playlist’ or ‘album’ I selected.  Whenever I press the Back button, it always goes to the Music screen (main or top level).  Kind of like the ‘Home’ button on the old Fuze. 

According to the instructions, this NOT how it is supposed to work.  This is taken directly from the manual:

• Tap Back button to return to a previous screen level. The
back button works in the same way that a back button
works on a web browser such as Internet Explorer®.

• Press and hold down the Back button for 2 seconds to return
to the main menu level no matter where you are in the user

So if I’m playing a song from a playlist and want to switch to another playlist, I should be able to hit Back twice.  Once to go back to the songs in the first playlist, and the second tap to go back All Playlists.    THIS DOES NOT WORK.   Now, if I want to go to another playlist, I hit Back, which takes me to Music, then Tap, which goes to the sub-menu, the Tap-right 5(!) times to get all the way to Playlists, and THEN scroll down to find my playlist (and I have over a hundred lists, as I’m a fitness instructor).   What should take 2 taps and a couple of seconds of time, takes a lot of taps and time.

This is a VERY annoying issue.  Is there a fix or does anyone know how this is supposed to work?