Simple navigation question (I think)

Hi - I have a new Sansa Fuze 8gb that I have pretty much figured out, but have one small question. If I am listening to a file (podcast, audiobook, etc.) and scroll to another ‘section’, e.g., Settings to check how much battery I have left, the podcast that is playing is displayed in a small strip along the bottom. Is there any quick way to go back to the file that is playing. My old player had an option to go to Now Playing, but I don’t see that in the Fuze. If I wait it will go back to the podcast playing, but just wonder if there’s a way to jump back to it on demand? Of course, maybe I should just learn to be more patient… TIA, Sally

I am guessing if you press the menu button twice it should go back to Now Playing screen.

Brilliant - thank you!

You’re welcome :smileyvery-happy: