Multiple Playlist Problem

My Fuze will not allow me to add more than one playlist from Rhapsody. If I try to add additional playlists, they replace the one that was there before. Please help!

I have had my Fuze for almost a year and have had no other problems with it.

More information is needed. Are these playlists you have created within the Rhapsody program/software? And have you checked with them (Rhapsody) or their forums?

Yes, I created them on Rhapsody–come to think of it that may be the problem. Rhapsody has been having problems lately.

Yep, just a Rhapsody problem–still satisfied as ever with my Fuze!!


When using the Rhapsody 4 client, be sure to name the new playlist, or it will overwrite your original one.

If R4 is being a pain, hey, you’re in MTP mode already, the home of the simple playlist tool:

Open a Windows Explorer window (My Computer) and open the Sansa by double clicking on the Internal (or external) memory, then open the Music Folder.

Ready for some Sansa magic?  Start with your first track, right click on it.  Voila, a new box.  Drag and drop your desired tracks into the box.  They’re not actually going anywhere_,_ you’re simply building a list of the names via drag and drop.

Then, name the playlist.  You can leave this list in the Music folder, but in the interest of actually finding it later (I’ve lost playlists among a thousand tracks or so, a needle in a haystack), go ahead and drop that playlist (pla) into the Playlist folder.  Your Sansa is clever, it will find and list all of your playlists no matter where you put them.

After playing around with that new box, you can then try the cool tools at the bottom of it.  You can highlight a trackand delete it from the list, or change the play order if you wish.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks! That was a big help. :smiley: