MTS vs MSC, and how can i tell if firmware is downloading

I just got an e280, downloaded the firmware Updater, and plugged the player into my computer’s USB in MSC mode.  it is now sitting there saying it’s “wrting”.  this has been going on for 10 minutes.  does the “writing” message mean that it’s updating the firmware?  and how long does a firmware update take, anyway?

And when it comes to downloading music, am i better off in MTS mode?  (do i have the names of these modes right?)

Finally, in MTS mode the name of another owner seems to show up … i’d like that to go away, and don’t see anything about it in the manual - anyone help?

Much thx for any help and tips you can provide this newbie.


welcome to the forums:)
Just to clarifty MTP mode and MSC mode are the names.
MTP = The mode you would want to be in if you have subscription music like Rhapsody, Napster etc.
MSC = Everything else. This is also the mode you need to be in for transferring Video and Pictures, as well as updating the firmware.

For your main question tho, when you connected the player in MSC mode, did the Sansa Firmware Updater come up in the lower right of your computer? If not, it’s likely that you didn’t download it. To get the updater, go to and click on Downloads. It should be listed there. Install and reconnect your player (in MSC mode) and it should pop up and say New firmware found.

As for the last question, i’m not too sure what’s being asked… Is the E280 coming up as something other than “E280”… for instance “Someguys player”?

thx for clarifying the names and describing their uses.  i will only be using music that i’ve bought, not a subscription, so i guess i need to be in MSC, right?

i couldn’t check the correct names because, well – let me tell you what’s wrong now - it’s embarrassing <s> … i mean, i’m a newbie to sansa, but not to computers, and this is rediculous. 

my e280 is stuck in the FM radio setting and i can’t get out of it !!! 

the L and R buttons just change the station, the Down button just asks if i want to add the radio station selection to my list, and the blue circle changes the volume …  … i can’t figure out how to get back to the menus !!  HELP !!!

looks from your description about an icon in the lower right of my desktop like the firmware didn’t update … obviously i can’t check the ver right now, what with being stuck and all …

and yes, it was coming up as “some guy’s player” … is that a setting that can be changed?

thanks for any help, all …


just push the power button. its the main menu button as well.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out.  Now i just need to figure out three things i don’t see that in the manual:

  • how to get the radio to STOP playing <smile> <AARRRGGHHH>  No buttons i try seem to do that.  (Jeesh, what a newbie).

  • whether i successfully downloaded the most up to date firmware.  The ver i have apparently is 1.02.18A.  If that’s not the most up to date, what do i do? 

I do see the scrolling sansa updater in the lower right system tray on the computer when i plug in the USB, but i don’t know if the scrolling merely means that it’s charging, or that it’s downloading something (or both).  right clicking it brings up downloads, but not firmware updates.

  • Memory.  I put in a micro SD card - how do i select or change where the music i will be downloading to the e280 will be stored (the SD card or the main memory)? 

I greatly appreciate the time you’ve taken to pay attention to my problems and help me out - thank you very much.  By the way, is this the right way to use this resource?  Is there some other course i should be taking to ask questions, or is this ok?

Many thanks,


nothing new … just forgot to check the “email if someone replies” button …

Hi bigpyme, I am looking at my sansa that I just got today in the mail and it says the “writing” thing you talked about but then its been well over 10 minutes. How did you figure out that it was done? Is there something else I need to do? I appreciate your help!

i don’t really remember anymore.  i think i just let it run for … a while, a 1/2 hour or so.  i never really got an answer to that, as you can see from my thred. 

alternatively you could always post a new thred - maybe you’ll get a straight answer …

best of luck