MSC Mode?

How do I put my E260 into MSC mode?  Can’t update my firmware without doing that and I don’t know how to do it!

You must have a v2 model. They were shipped w/o the MSC mode in the original firmware.

Start with your player off. Slide the HOLD switch on top of the unit ON (towards the headphone jack). You will see orange underneath. Press and hold the REW |<< button while plugging in the Sansa cable to the 30-pin connector port on the bottom. Have the other end (USB) already plugged into the computer. Continue holding the REW button until the device powers up and is recognized by the computer. It helps to already have a Windows Explorer/My Computer window open.

Once you see the 2 drives (player & card slot) appear under Devices With Removable Storage you can release the REW button. You are now connected in MSC mode, and can update the firmware so you’ll have the MSC option in Settiings > USB Mode.

You can get the firmware update here. Follow the manual instructions and don’t forget to slide the HOLD switch to off when you un-plug it.