MSC Mode -- needing a third hand to perform

Just bought a new Sansa View, and already my second complaint in the first 10 minutes of operation.

1.) the sandisk driver download wizard instructions should be more clear. While it makes mention of the fact that the player must be in “MSC Mode” – it does not go on at that point to explain what in the heck that is, or provide a link to such information

  1. The entire procedure for getting the player in MSC Mode is a PAIN!!! For me, it took 2 people, which is ridiculous!!

One person to press and hold the left button on the player, and

a second person to plug in the USB. I have a USB hub that is not bolted down to anything. Like many, it just sits on the desk. So in order to plug anything in, I must hold the hub with one hand, and the plug with the other. But even on my laptop it often requires two hands to plug in any USB device as you have to often hold the laptop steady while plugging in.

I just think it’s ridiculous that it should require 3 hands to perform a function on an mp3 player.

With the View, the Fuze, and the e200, it’s far easier to make the USB connection at the device rather than fighting the USB plug at the opposite end.

If you have an early firmware version installed on the View, you won’t have a USB mode option available on the player.  Update to version 1.03.02and you’ll then have this option.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: