Mp4 files and codecs.

First off, what is a codec exactly?

When I try to convert an Mp4 file to a WAV it tells me this (We’ll use EA as an example.):

This file, C:\Documents and Settings\Penny\My Documents\mp4\Emilie Autumn - 306.mp4, cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first. If the files can playback on your computer , probably Sansa Media Convert does not support this format, or the file is corrupted.

I know it supports Mp4 files…I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

Technology is certainly not my favourite things for this reason. It can all be so confusing…

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A codec is an COder/DECoder.

Is your mp4 an audio or video file? Sansa fuze supports mp4 audio. Mp4 videos need to be converted to a supported format using sansa media converter.

As far as I know, sansa media converter is only used to convert video and images to sansa device specifications.

Finally, why are you reencoding a lossy file (MP4 audio) to WAV?

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I converted flv files to an mp4. I tried to convert using the Sansa MEdia Converter, but it would not convert.

As far as I knew, I wasn’t using a n Mp4 audio file.

Now I see the picture you’re trying to paint.  You’re trying to convert flash video (flv) to view on the Sansa.

There are two things for you.  First, how about some tools for your toolbox?  Whether you have a successful conversion depends upon the requisite codecs to match the source video with the desired destination version.

Close the SMC.  Download the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) and install it.  This is a digital set of tools for your video converting tasks. 

Then try something different, possibly converting to avi before running the target through the Sansa Media Converter.

If you download AnyVideoConverter (there’s a free version), you can try different output formats until you get a successful result.  The output from AVC goes into the SMC.

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 Download the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

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Not to hijack, but I thought the CCCP collapsed Bob? :stuck_out_tongue:

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With a proper collection of codecs , transferring your source video just might start working.

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take care in where you get your Codecs packs from. a lot of scammers use Codecs packs to get spyware on to your computer.

a good site to find help about Codecs is

A good Codecs pack to try out is ffdshow it’s the one Maximum PC recommends,  also be careful about AVI’s that want to download the Codecs for you in say Windows Media player.

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I have solved the problem!

I downloaded Any Video Converter, changed the FLV’s to AVI’s, rebooted my computer and set the Media Converter to convert the AVI files. They work now.

Those who decided to lend a hand, I thank you. Mayhap someone will find this and use it to solve their problems. :slight_smile:

I, like amaterasu2314, had problems with the Media Converter balking at .mp4 files.  Please understand my situation: 1) I bought two 2 GB Fuzes - one for myself and one for my wife - in the late May timeframe.  I added an 8 GB card to hers and a 4 GB card to mine.  I proceeded to become a YouTube junkie, loading a total of about three hundred YouTubes between the two Fuzes.  We are church organists and use these to preview organ and choral works we are either preparing or considering preparing.  Well, OK, I have all kinds of other stuff on mine…blue grass, gospel, etc…but mainly long haired stuff.  I am running an XP with Windows Media Player 11.  I would use the KeepVID software to download the video, selecting the .mp4 format (suggested higher quality.)  I would introduce these files to the Sansa Media Converter and they would just work perfectly, converting and passing through to the Fuzes.  Like I say - hundreds of them! 

2.) Then I decided to put some CD music on and had to search around for a converter that seemed to be needed to support itunes or Rhapsody.  As one of you mentioned, these are traps for viruses, and I got one.  The computer had to be cleaned and the system reloaded.  Thank goodness for my Toshiba backup drive - best $60 I ever spent.  I didn’t lose any of my Document files - pictures, videos, much church and community documentation work.  I did lose about five years’ worth of emails and my address book, but that was mostly junk anyway. 

3.) After recovering all and getting back into operation, I found the need to buy myself another Fuze - mine was full and the 4 GB was now selling at WalMart for less than I paid for the original 2GB units.  So the new one came home and I resumed my YouTube quest.  In preparing for a memorial service, I found just the selections I wanted to play.  Through the normal routine I went - KeepVID to Sansa Media Converter.  Bango!  No go!  Didn’t have the right codexs or whatevers.  The kind folks at Sansa suggested that my SMC was bad and that I should reload it.  Still no joy.  This thing just wasn’t going to accept .mp4 input files like it is advertised to do.  I download all the recommended codex packages (CCCP, etc.) as well as some different media players, all of which would play the .mp4 files.  But still the SMC balked.  I happened to notice that the SMC is listed on my program file index as “Sansa Media Converter 2” and I would lay money on the former one that I was using not having a “2” after it.  I believe something has changed in the last few months and whatever it is, I can’t get it to work anymore. 

Thanks to you good people working to help out amaterasu2314, I decided that I wasn’t going to keep beating a dead horse.  I simply went back to “Any Video Converter” and selected the .avi format, and this went through the SMC with no problems.  While I am tickled red (color of my new Fuze) to be able to get the stuff on my player, I still am most curious as to what the missing link is that keeps my old process from working.  Of course, that is what you would expect of a computer nut whose whole career was spent messing with computers (Control Data Cybers, IBM, Univac mainframes, all at NASA) plus the PC’s that replaced the big boat anchors. 

I add my thanks to those of you who took the time to help out at least two of us who had run aground.


J. Holmes

Ledbetter, Texas

The notes for SMC say it requires Apple’s Quicktime be installed. That may very likely be why people have problems with MP4 files not converting.

You can get Quicktime seperately if you don’t want the full iTunes install (which also includes Quicktime).

I did notice that requirement and I downloaded Quicktime.  I may have not set it up properly, however. 

Leaving video aside, you do not need any paid converter to get music off CDs.  You can rip music from CDs to mp3 with Windows Media Player (change the default format from .wma to .mp3),  iTunes (change the default format from .aac to .mp3) and Rhapsody, among many other programs.  

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just download and install

just download and install Quiktime :wink: