How do you get youtube to convert with the Sansa media converter?

What excactly do you do? I’ve tried so many things. but it keeps saying that The Sansa Media Converter does not support the file type or something like that.
What do you do?

What type of video formats does it accept? (like .WMV, .MOV, .AVI??)

How do you use a firefox add-on such as
or this:
How do you use that to download a video & get it to the Sansa Media converter?

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Media converter accepts AVI or WMV movies.  It should accept .mp4 or .mov or quicktime movies-

It converts TO .mov files.

You will have to download the youtube movies and convert them to one of the above types, then drag/drop those onto media converter (or browse to them.)

This worked for me:

With the following settings (took a while to find ones that worked):


AVI, WMV version 1 (WMP7)


AAC - Advanced Audio Codec

If anyone knows of better settings I’d be interested in knowing what they are!

You *might* have some luck with this online tool, but it will probably take a while:

I’ve had luck with this software in the past with other projects (not Fuze-related), but it might work well for this… it even rips YouTube videos out of the box! 

I tried a number of converters with no luck (being really ignorant of media files).

After reading this post, I tried Pazera.

I got it to work! But using MP3 for audio instead of AAC.


Here is a quick and dirty way to get Youtube videos converted to MP4…which will then easily import via media converter to your Sansa:

This site will do it for free.

1 - Copy the youtube link.

2 - Paste to the box.

3 - Click convert button. 

4 - The page will refresh, with “low quality” and “high quality” links in green at the bottom of the page.

5 - Right click the one you want and choose “save link as” or “save target as”. 

This will save the youtube video as a .MP4 file (quicktime will play this file). Sansa converter easily recognized and converted this for me. When I took it off the Sansa, I saw that it had converted it to .AVI, which Windows Media Player can play. 

The catch: The conversion process downsamples the media to 15 frames per second. It is decent, but not great. You get what you pay for I guess. The site wants you to buy it’s conversion software, and this is the hook to get you in. But the free conversion doesnt have any other catches as far as I can tell. There is no limit to how much you can use it.

The High Quality videos are higher resolution but take up more space. For me, they tended to be between 18 and 25 megabytes. 

I am using Windows Vista 32-bit, and copying to a 2gb Sansa Fuze.

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Groovenectar, Thank you for pointing me to Panzera Free. It worked very well. I used Ripzor (a website like Keepvid above, but for FLV files) to get the FLV file, and Panzera to convert it.

Your settings did not work for me (I had to use AVI, WMV version 2 (WMP8) and I used auto for everything else including audio…maybe it’s because I am on Vista) but once it converted, I got the file to play at a full 30fps. Not only that, but the final file was only 12 megs…almost half the size. Using your AAC audio settings gave me wierd tinny audio. Leaving it on auto fixed it for me.

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For all of you that have problems with downloading,converting and transfering youtube videos to your sansa fuze do the following :

1.Download Real Player and install it.Real Player place a button “Download this video” upon every video you watch in your explorer to download it.

2.Hit the download button and when download is finished an option “Convert to…” will appear.

3.Choose " More devices" ,then "Add Custom Device",video format : Windows Media , audio format : MP3 and leave all the other options " automatic".

4.After the conversion with Real Player , connect your sansa and then open Sansa Media Converter.

5.Go to tools-option-temporary path ( up in the right corner of SMC) and set a folder in your hard disk.

6.Add the wmv file and click convert.

That’s how it’s working for me.I tried a lot of other methods but none worked.This works perfectly for downloading,converting & transfering.:slight_smile:

Pruje - How did you get Sansa Converter to convert a mp4 file?  Mine says this file “cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first.”  What codec did you get?

@mikeinkaty wrote:
Pruje - How did you get Sansa Converter to convert a mp4 file?  Mine says this file “cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first.”  What codec did you get?

I would think that since mp4 is an Apple format that Quicktime would have the appropriate codec(s) needed for conversion. Quicktime has been recommended several times (even if you never use it) in order to have the right ‘tools in the kit’ for a high rate of success in video conversion to the Sansa players.

That and the K-Lite codec pack should give you all the ammunition you need. :smiley:

Thanks Tapeworm - I did not know that mp4 was an Apple format!

For convert youtube’s video i prefer use Flash To Video Encoder. I like it convers very quickly without any problems.