I've got some mp4 videos

that sansa media converter doesn’t want to convert, saying that  abc.mp4 is an invalid file type.  Any suggestions?  Thx

The SMC never did work right. You would have to use another converter program first to convert the video to a format the SMC would recognize and work with, then use the SMC to do a final conversion and transfer to your player (like the e200 or the newer Fuze, both quite antique these days).

You didn’t say why you are trying to use this Media Converter or with what player, but you might try video4fuze. I’ve never used it before myself, but I hear it’s a lot better than the old quirky and curmudgeonly SMC.

It’s an E280 and the files are mp4 formats, which shouldn’t be a  problem.

But that format is a problem, which is what I was trying to explain. The Sansa Media Converter will not convert the .mp4 format. You must first use another converter program (like the free Any Video Converter or WinFF) to convert that .mp4 format into something the SMC can read (like .avi) and then you’ll be able to use the SMC to convert that (a 2nd time) and transfer the video file(s) to your e280.

Note that depending on the length of the video, you may find the audio and video may get out of sync. In this case, you’ll need to run the vidoe through yet another program to sync things back up again. I’ve used Avidemux before with success.

If this sounds like a lot of work just to put a watchable (and listenable) video onto your player, it is. If your e280 is a v2, you may want to try the afore-mentioned video4fuze. The Fuze player is simply an updated version of the v2 e200 series, so it should work.