MP3 Volume is Much Lower Then FM Volume

    Hi, I recently purchased a Sansa Express, and I use it with Sony MDR-XD100 Headphones, and when using these headphones the volume is just to low for my enjoyment. I have the volume setting on High and have played with the EQ and it’s still to quite when litening to MP3’s but when I listen to FM radio the volume is great.

I have tried programs like MP3 Gain and they all clip my songs when I raise the volume even 0.5dB. So the problem doesn’t seem to be the native volume of my MP3’s.

I know your thinking just use the small headphones that came with the player but, in my opinion they don’t have enough bass, over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable and do less hearing damage at high volume.

Any ideas on how to raise the MP3 playback volume to match the FM radio volume will be greatly appriciated.

Have you tried updating the firmware?

Yes I updated the firmware but it didn’t make any difference, and I did go through it and retune the EQ and set the volume to high so I’m really not sure what to make of this problem.