I’m wondering if anyone else has this happen…while I’m listening to something on my  Express and want to turn up the volume, as I’m turning it up it will shoot all the way across to the highest and won’t go back down. After messing with it a bit, I’ve found that by pressing both - and + will make it work again so that I can lower it. I just formatted my Express this morning and it’s still doing the same thing.
It’s not bad if you have the volume saved to Normal in Settings, but if it’s on High…that can really hurt your ears when this happens. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bad volume control. How long have you had the unit?

You should check with Sandisk support.

I’ve had it for about a month now. I’ll check with Support…Thanks :slight_smile:

Solutions to this problem?

I don’t one, but 2 Sansa Express with the same behaviour.

On one of them I put the Sansa Express 01.01.12 firmware but no luck, the same problem.

I’ve had this happen before, too. Must be the screwy refurb unit I bought. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does get annoying sometimes.

I’ve definitely noticed this on at least one of my sansa expresses. I though it was some form a volume lock. Because I plug my sansa into an audio jack in my car radio I have to have the volume cranked anyhow so it’s not much of a bother.