MP3 Talk Shows

Bear with me ,I’m a 65 year old with his first MP3 player. It’s a 2 gig Clip. First I don’t understand all the folders in the MUSIC folder. Instructions say to just copy MP3 files to the MUSIC folder. But the MUSIC folder has folders, not files. If I copy an MP3 vocal file to the MUSIC folder it does work but when I copy an MP3 Talk Show to this folder it shows its there but does not play. Any suggestions. 

The file format must be .mp3 or .wma for it to play.  please make sure the audio is in either of these formats.

Thanks, but the file extension says .mp3 and if I burn it to a disk it does play in mp3 format.

You can create a folder structure for your music under the music folder.

For example  MUSIC/ARTIST/ALBUM/Song titles.wma   is a very standard way to organize music.

If you use Windows Media Player 11 it will organize your music on your device in this way.

It could be the ID tag for the title is missing.  Please use Windows Media “advanced track editor”  to set up some information about the track.

If you wait about a week a new firmware will be released which allows you to place your podcast files into a “Podcast”  folder on the clip,  where it should be able to play your track without having to edit the tags.

THanks a bunch.

Sometimes files with .mp3 extension are actually MPEG-2 format which is not supported.  If you can convert the file to true mp3 format it solves the problem.