MP3 audiobooks

I have a sana fuse and am trying to load mp3 audio books, I imported it in Itunes in mp3 format, but when I put it on the fuse the book shows up as each disk being a separate book. I tried creating a folder in audiobooks and putting the files there but they still show up as individual books. Does any one know how to put the track together so they will play as one book?

on the computer they just show as files not folders

Fixed in todays firwmare release.

I must be doing something wrong, I updated the flimware, deleted the book and reloaded it, Drag and drop, it still shows and plays as 9 seperate books. usb mode is auto.

any ideas on what to do?

Each track ID tag for Album,  needs to be the same.  Try using a Tagging program to make the Album titles identical .

The Disc Number feature only works in MSC mode or on external card.

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Thanks, that worked !

Mp3 audibooks can be played well on most players including digital river, creative zen and so ons. However, some audiobooks are not in mp3 format, take the iTunes audiobok for example, they are in M4B format. If you’d like to convert M4B audiobooks to MP3, you can follow this tips. Hope this tips is helpful for you. 

With the help of Audible audiobook converter, you can not only convert your Audible audiobook to mp3, but also remove all DRM protection. Then you can play your audible audiobook on any device as you like.

If you wanna get either iTunes or Audible audiobooks in MP3 onto sansa fuse, you can draw help from Audible to MP3 Converter.