Missing Music Menu. My Sansa Clip Zip can't play music.

I copied some mp3 file from computer to Music Folder. After that, I can’t see <Music> Menu in my Sansa.That mean I can’t play music on it.

What is happen? Its firmware was broken? Its firmware was newest.


you state that you cannot see the music menu of the player. Can you please describe what you see on the screen of the player?

If you see headphones and the music menu only without anything else moving then you didnt removed the sticker that is on the screen of the player.

I borrowed another Sansa from my friend and compared. They’re same everything but mine mis Music on menu.

<Music (what’s missing)> <Radio> <Books> <Voice> <Card> <Sport> <Setting>

I bought and used Sansa Clip Zip year ago and this happen just came on yesterday.

Go to «Settings» / «System Settings» /  «Customize» and there check «Music» (now probably unchecked).

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It work.

Thank you so much.