Sansa Clip Zip - no Music Option on Menu

I purchased a Sansa Clip Zip about a week ago as a gift for my father. Loaded it with music , playlists, etc. for him. It was working fine for about a day. I went to check on it since I’m seeing him tomorrow and there is no Music Option on the menu. Radio, Voice, Sports, Settings, Books, and Card. There is about 3 gigs of music loaded on the MP3 player but no one can access it.  Please help - I’m seeing him tomorrow.  

One nice thing about the Clip Zip is that you can hide the Main menu items if you don’t use them. I’ll bet that’s what has happened here; somebody by accident, or not knowing they did it, has turned off the Music menu item.

I don’t have my Zip in front of me, but I think these options are in the Settings menu. Look for Customize and select it, You should then see a listing of all the Main menu items you can turn on or off based on your preferences.

Awesome! So simple…thank you. :smileyvery-happy:

Many times it’s the simplest things that are the most confusing. Glad you got it sorted out and hope Dad enjoys his gift! :smiley:

Can you acees the menu while it is connected to my computer and charging

@gbwill wrote:

Can you acees the menu while it is connected to my computer and charging

No. All player functions are disabled when a data connection is made to a computer. If you want to use the player while charging, you’ll have to use an AC-USB charger.

Or, use a power-only USB cable to connect the player to your computer (or, some people have been able to “just connect” a regular USB cable to their computer, so the power pins connect but the slightly shorter data pins don’t).