Missing Music Folder

Just got a Clip Sport after running my original Sansa Clip in the ground after 6 + years. Plugged it in, dragged and dropped, everything seemed to be working fine…

Then I disconnected it from my computer without using the Safe Eject option from Windows. First, I had about 12 different copies of every song I loaded on the MP3 player in the Music folder. Then, when I went to try and plug it back in, my Music folder is now missing. I have a folder for Audible, Audiobooks, Playlists, Podcastas, and library file for Audbook, Audible, M3U, Music, and Podcast. Now the MP3 says there is no music. 

I also have a file that just says “Music” with no extension.

When I try to create a folder that says Music, it says that the fodler already exists. I’m up to date on firmware (I downloaded the Sana Updater just to be sure). I can’t find a solution. Any thoughts or did I permanently screw this one up?

Get rid of the firmware updater. It  runs all the time, and  slows down your pc. Manual installation of the firmware is so easy. Just follow the instructions.

Format the player using the player’s menu- settings, system settings, format. 

Download the latest firmware and manually reinstall it.


Thank you!