MUSIC dir empty but Clip still able to perform music!

Here there,

I am myself a happy owner of a Sansa Clip 2GB, I bought one to my daughter: 2GB one, blue, w/ a 2.x series firmware onboard.

No problem with it until I applied the 2.01.31 firmware using the updated within Windows XP: now the MUSIC folder appears empty in the explorer, folder size is 0 byte, whereas device properties still say it’s nearly full (as expected). The Clip is still able to play all music… I tried manually removing the MUSIC dir and re-created it. Unplugged the Clip, database updated, all music still available. I checked there are no mp3 files in the other directories (they are all 0 byte size).

Any idea or hint?

This might help:

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Hah! The mount type… this is right I didn’t think about this, since I use mine in Linux as a usb storage. Will check that, thanks.

It was set to MSC. Tried MTP but that is not what I want anyway and it doesn’t help in getting the MUSIC folder within the file explorer. Tried auto, but back to MSC and not better.

I guess it’s possible that there’s some file system corruption on the Clip … you could try the options on the Settings menu, such as Reset All and Format (warning, all music will be erased on the Clip, but I’m sure you have a backup!).