MicroSD with huge amount of important data not readable by any tried devices , PLEASE HELP !!

Hi ! A week ago I had to take my phone into service , so I took my SIM cards and microSD card out of the phone and put them aside for a while . When I took my phone back from the repair shop , I realised that all my pics , videos , music ,memories and whatsoever from my memory card (150gb) was gone !! I restarted my phone and took the microSD out and back in , but nothing happened (microSD card still not readable).
Then I tought the phone might be the problem ,IMPORTANT so I inserted the mem card into my tablet , and when when I checked the gallery I could see the albums , but those started to disappear one by one seconds after … and that was the last time i saw my pics .
I said ok , time to check the card with my laptop , but it’s not being shown at all , whatever I’d do … nothing :frowning:
I’m really desperate to recover my data back please help , I have years of memories on that card …

Thanks in advance , have a nice day !

Hi @ArtiBolondu If your memory card or flash drive is still functional, you can try using a data recovery program. There is a high probability that your data can be recovered after you get an error while using the card, accidentally format it or delete files.

For data recovery for flash drive and memory card, please refer to: Data recovery for memory cards and flash drives

SanDisk warranty does NOT provide reimbursement for data recovery services. This is specifically stated in our warranty. The SanDisk warranty covers the product itself, but does NOT cover any damages due to data loss. It is recommended to make regular backups of all your data and pictures.

Hello and thank you very much for answering , the problem is that the card is not functioning wherever I’d try it , so the photos and everything should be there as nobody touched the card nor the data from it .
It looks like the card itself is faulty and that’s why I can’t see my data or anything on it , somebody is going to be responsible for that I hope …
Please explain me how SanDisk can manufacture something people use for storing data and then not being responsible for data losses? By this SanDisk lost all my respect cause I trusted the company a lot…
There is no such thing as damage to the card due to data loss , come on people …

Please give some further instructions as the card is not readable by anything