SanDisk Ultra 64 micro SD unwritable

i’ve had my MicroSD for about one year atm and all of a sudden it became unwritable. the files stored on the SD are not to be deleted and when a new file is stored on the SD it vanishes after about 30 seconds to a minute… i tried formatting it again to exFAT but every time i do the files will show up gain after about a minute. I do not know much about MicroSD Cards so i thought maybe someone here might be able to help me out.

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Jari van Drongelen

NB. I used it in my Android Phone (HTC One (M8))

the card seem to be locked in read only mode. this occurs when the controller detects a problem with the card. It locks in read only mode to prevent data loss. there is not anyway to unlock the card it will need to be replaced. Contact sandisk support for warranty replacement. 

I am currently in the exact situation and applied for RMA. It has been approved and I need to send the microSD card to SanDisk.

However, I am concerned with the privacy of the data on the returned microSD card.

Could anything be done to make the data unreadable without affecting the RMA?

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I too have the same situation.  I can delete everything off the card and then it all appears again  as if by magic.  I cannot format it in Windows as it says “Windows is unable to complete the format”.  If I try to format it in SD Formatter V4.0, it says “The memory card is write-protected” (it isn’t).

Same situation here. I tried almost everything but not possible to format or to fix the card.

Update: I chatted with a SanDisk representative and they agreed that I send the card destroyed. You must ask for permission to destroy the card before sending it back. A printed confirmation email will need to be sent together with the destroyed card.

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how to contact reqpresentative. I have exactly same card and same problem 

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how to contact reqpresentative. I have exactly same card and same problem 


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