Unwritable 8GB Class 10 microSD

Hi, all.

I have a Sandisk Ultra Class 10 8GB microSD. When I plug it into my laptop with a microSD adapter, I can not write on it.

When I try to copy a file on it, the write operation seems ok. But when I replug it, I can not see that file.

I can not erase partitions. I can not format. Whatever I did is no go.

It looks like it is in some sort of read-only mode.

Is there any low-level tool to check what is going on the card?

it sounds like the card was went into write protected mode. The card will need to be replaced. contact sandisk support to check warranty status. 

Thanks for your reply drlucky.

Card is rather old, so no warranty anymore.

Is there anything I can do to turn it back to write enabled mode?

Does it mean flash chip on the card is somehow damaged and therefore sd-card is useless anymore?

No, once the card locks down in write protection it cant be removed.

the ultra cards have like a 5 or 10 year warranty so it may be worth checking the warranty status with sandisk support.