MicroSD card lock button?........ It is a really button???

Hi, I read sime where about the ada9of microsd card… Well… They said if your microsd card" locked" you can unlock it by releasing the little pin head botton to postion unlock… Well… I don’t believe it’s real botton(it’s have effect) when releasing it. 

I get sn adapter (more than one)  and open it and i surprised its a nothing just little botton there are  o effect to the conecters inside the adapter… Then where they it use  for… With thanks 

:smiley:   Hi Deutsh,

See link:



Regards, Alfred.

Thank you so much for your reply. 

About the adapter of microsd card, (the lock switch) its for nothing, just i can put it up or down, that’s it… Believe me when I open the adapter (you can open one) you will see it’s for nothing (when you put it up or down) there are nothing, no contactors moving or something else