memory card locked i forgot my password

Hi every one i need help regading… i face issue with my sandisk micro sd card. first of all i tell u i have sandisk ultra 8 gb microsd card which is red and grey colour… the issue is that prevoiusly i use this card on my nokia phone its work perfect after phone software update its shows my memory card locked with password. i didn’t remind my password. hmmm bow i wanna need how to remove this password… i attempt several things i attach this card to my pc via card reader nd its not detectable nd this same thing was happen when insert in any mobile… only work with my nokia phone and need password 

Check this KB site. I hope this helps you out.

@rickyjm -

Why do you keep providing links for problems with flash drives, when the OP’s are having problems with memory cards? They are not the same thing. :confounded:

its solution for flash drives i got problem with sd card… plz tell me solution regarding how to unlock memory cards.

Memory cards by themselves do not have password protection capabilitites. It sounds like this is something your phone has injected, and therefore the phone is the only thing that can remove it.

how to remove password in sandisk using in my nokia c2-01 i forgot my password