SanDisk microSD 2GB in a Nokia 6555 - access after you forgot the card's password.

I bought the microSD2GB, set a password on it, then replaced the phone. Well, naturally after three months I had forgotten the password. None of the posts here told me how to access this phone specifically, so I'm posting here to tell anybody how to access your memory card after you forget the password and you change to this phone or to a new 6555. I don't know how many other phones are similar to this one, but it worked for me.


1. First, put the card in your phone (that's the duh part).

2. Go to Menu | Settings | Security | Security Level

3. Change the security level to Memory.

    You will be asked for a security code at this point.

4. Slowly press the 0 (zero) key 5 times. (You don't want zeros here, you want spaces)

    (You'll have to reset this password every time you reset the phone settings.)

5. Now go to the memory card. Options | Delete Password

5. You will be asked "Memory card will be unlocked. Continue?" Press Yes.

6. Enter the same 5 digits. Slowly press the zero key 5 times, (don't forget, enter spaces, not zeros. If you enter zeros, it won't work.)

   If you did it correctly, you will see the message "Password deleted". Now you can do whatever you need to do to the card.


If you want to keep security on the card, and risk forgetting the password again, then set a new password.

You can figure that part out for yourself.

However, you forgot it once, and more than likely, you'll forget it again.


This worked for me. I hope it works for you, it might fork for other Nokias. If it doesn't work for you try it again, you might have messed up while entering the spaces.

My memory card is also the same, SanDisk microSD 2GB. But my phone is Nokia C1-01. I forgot my memory card password. Please give me the solution to open it.

I tried pressing 0 very slowly on my Nokia 5130C-2 Mobile, as per your instructions; but it did not work.

Please advise.