micro SD file name problem

Hello all,

I own a 8GB sansa clip+ for some time now, and so far it has been working great.

Today I bought a sandisk 32GB micro SD card, and I have an issue:

The songs stored on the internal memory are just fine, showing song name and everything as they should. On the other hand, the songs stored on the SD card are shown just fine if the song’s name is in English, but gibberish if the song’s name is in foreign characters (i.e, a song in english has no problems, a song in hebrew is shown as gibberish). The gibberish songs can be played as usual, only the details are in gibberish.

All ID3 tags were written in hebrew (or english) in Windows 7, without a special program.

I also noticed that this problem occurs only in mp3 files, wma files work just fine.

Any idea what could cause mp3 files to have problems, while wma show as they should? (Guess it’s an ID3 issue, but not sure)