Trouble adding music to external card

I am very frustrated. I just got the clip zip, however no matter what I’ve done I cannot get my music to show up properly on the device. It is on MSC mode, so I added all of my music to the sd card and put it in. Everytime I do this, some of my music shows up properly, but at least half is basically gibberish. If, for example, I pull up the albums (but any category really), the first half are ok, but the other half are all sorts of different letters numbers and symbols (even chinese characters). I’m really confused as to why this is happening since there is nothing wrong with my music files. I can’t listen to all my music and whenever I venture into the gibberish files the device slows down, almost freezes.

You ned to correct/edit the ID3 tags on the files that are not showing properly.

Below is an article on editing Id3 tags. Hope this helps.