Micro SD Card Keeps getting the Song Info Wrong

Hey All!

I have a 4GB Sansa Clip + player that I just got today. I’ve used them in the past, but one got lost in the mountains and another got disfigured by the car door…

Anyway, I can assure you that nothing has happened so far to my new Clip +. I just got a MicroSD card to store extra songs and audiobooks, but I’m having a bit of a problem. I don’t know if it’s the card’s problem, but it keeps messing up the song info on one of the albums that I previously had no problems with in the internal memory. The song’s genre is sorted in some like “_ ]”. Even though it’s obviously “Pop” on my computer. The song titles also disappear. Another thing is that, in the music folder, I like to keep my Artist’s folder organized. But one of the artist’s folders just keep changing its name. It’s always ends up with a “DE060000_” before the name it’s supposed to have. And a album folder in that artist’s folder has the same issue too.

  1.  Are your ID3 tags correct?

  2.  Is the player’s USB mode, under System Settings, set to MTP or Auto (which will try to use MTP mode)?  MTP mode sometimes will “screw up” files this way.

The easy solution:  switch the USB mode to MSC mode, which tends to work smoothly (note:  MSC mode will not work with DRM’ed files).  But to avoid confusion from having files on your player that were transferred using both MSC and MTP modes (confusion can result, as your computer only can see on your player the files that were transferred to it under the mode that the player then is connected to your computer under), reformat your player under its System Settings, which will clean out all your old content, set the player to MSC mode, and transfer your content back to the player (note:  if you don’t have copies of the content on your computer, first transfer it back to your computer from the player before reformatting the player).