Shuffle with microSD card

I have noticed that when in shuffle mode, it seems to skip over anything on the memory card. You can see it come up on the screen if you hit “next” and then it quickly goes to another song until it finds one on the internal memory. When a song plays from the card, you can see a card icon on the display. Bug? or working as designed? Not sure but very annoying. I want to use this a shuffle and can only shuffle half of my music.

I’ve never had this problem.  Previously, I filled up the internal memory and then used the microSD for the rest, and when shuffling through songs, anything and everything played.  As for the little card appearing next to tracks on the external memory, I believe this is normal.

I know the icon is normal, skipping the songs isn’t. Thank you, now that I know it is supposed to work, I’ll format the card and reload. The card was in my phone first and there maybe a format issue. I wanted to try the 4GB card I had before getting the 16. Songs play on the card if I go directly to them, just not in shuffle mode. I will post back.

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I hope it works out for you and you can get back to enjoying your music!

There’s something amiss with the data on your µSD card.

Try accessing individual tracks on the card to see if they play correctly.  Things go pretty fast with the new Clip+, so seeing a track name for a brief instant is possible: normally, a bad track will display for a moment, and the Sansa will advance to the next track.

If the license information is messed up or expired, you may get the “synchronize to continue subscription” flag.  Secure Digital (the SD in µSD ) involves a layer and format for digital cameras, music, telephones, and more (you mentioned they were from your phone) and something may be wrong with this file metadata.

For fun, I loaded a series of tracks on the µSD card plus the internal memory, selected Shuffle, and let her fly.  Looks like the device is happy with both memory sources, as the tracks are coming from both (and I’m happy that they are!).

In my usual routine, I use the shuffle mode within a single genre to hear my favorites.  With the e200 and Fuze, mixing internal and µSD card tracks is seamless too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: