Menu on Player Not accessible


I got a ClipJam player and it worked fine.  Recently, it started jamming.  For example, if I go to the settings screen, it will

jam and I can’t scroll to the other menus like Folders or Music.  Only after pressing the power button, I can scroll back (Settings, Music, Folders) but it won’t go to the submenus and won’t access any files, submenus and won’t play any files.   If I press the bottom button, it won’t scroll through the menu at all and won’t go to the submenus.  

It simply won’t play, there is no way to access the files on the player (USB access is still okay, the computer reads the player like any USB drive)

I used the reset method (20 seconds by holding the power button then restarting it again) same problem.  It sometimes scrolls through the menu choices (Music, FM Radio, Folders) but the actual submenus or songs are not accessible. 

Is there a solution or workaround to this problem, or is the player not useable?

Problem Fixed :

I downloaded the latest ClipJam firmware and it fixed the problem.  If WD is reading this  they should make the Clipjam page more visible on the website and have the topic listed in the FAQ (It lists answers about the Sansa Player and not other products )