Menu stuck on Settings; buttons won't scroll

I just got a SanDisk Clip Jam at Christmas. When I power it on the Settings menu comes up and then the buttons only go into Settings with a screen with choices: System Settings, Music Options, Audiobook Options… BUT the buttons don’t allow a scroll and so pressing anything goes on System Settings–>Backlight and then a bar. Buttons just keep it going back and forth between that. If I press the Back button I do get back to Settings, but can’t get anywhere else!

I did try to install a more recent (Jan 2018) firmware, but the device didn’t react the way the instructions said it would. (Didn’t turn off by itself and reboot). 

Is this just a faulty device that I should return? Or is there a way to fix these buttons so they scroll through the menu?

Thanks. Jill

Try this really quick suggestion, and maybe write back here with your results.

From the Settings Menu, select System Settings.

   Then scroll down to Customize.

      Then make sure all the following options are set to “On”

         Music, Radio, Book, Folder, Card, Sport

Best Wishes