Mem Capacity Differs between my two Clips

My original 2GB clip, firmware version@1.32a has 1.89GB Mem via Explorer and my newer second clip, firmware version@1.35a has 1.80GB?

All I wanted to do was copy my song folder from my old clip to my new clip and I get an error message that there is not enough memory. I reformatted the new clip and it made no difference. Checked that all folders on new clip were empty. No Change. Had to cut 36 tunes from my old player to fit. Is this normal? How can I check for memory faults? Is there a chance the referbished player I bought has lost some of it memory?


I think I found the answer to my own question. I didn’t notice that my older clip is Rev. 1 and my new clip is rev. 2. 

Found answer in post: 

Why does the 2 GB Clip rev.2 have >100 MB less memory available than rev.1?

I saw it earlier in a search, but I really thought mine were both Rev. 2’s. …oops.